Chandigarh is the best planned city in India, with architecture which is world-renowned, and a quality of life, which is incomparable. The credit for laying down its plan goes to Le Corbusier, a French architect. Chandigarh was named after Goddess Chandi, the Goddess of Power, and is the shared capital of the states of Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh is one of the popular holiday destinations for its residents. It absolutely impresses the tourists with its modern architecture and natural beauty. In the current times, tourism in Chandigarh is on peak. Nature lovers from different places of the country gather here to view the beautiful theme gardens of the city. The reservoir of places to see in Chandigarh is very large. Main tourist attractions in Chandigarh.

Leisure Valley
Leisure valley is the one of the most beautiful and tourist attraction in Chandigarh and this is the place like a garland of gardens that beautifies the entire city.

Capitol Complex
Capitol Complex is the most outstanding work in the Chandigarh city and  it consists of three Government buildings, High Court, Secretariat, and Legislative Assembly.

International Dolls Museum
A wide collection of fascinating dolls (from nearly every country in the world) under a single roof is the main attraction of the International Dolls Museum.

Rock Garden
Rock garden is an example of creativity and innovation. It is a unique garden that consists of various art objects. But the main thing about the rock garden is that each of its artwork has been done by using industrial & urban waste.

Sukhna Lake
Sukhna Lake is a beautiful artificial lake, made at the foothills of the Shivalik hills.

Open hand monument
The Open Hand Monument is one of the finest and significant monuments of the city are regularly visited by large number of visitors. The Open Hand Monument in Chandigarh is located in amidst of the popular Capitol Complex. The Open Hand Monument was designed in the form of a huge hand made from metal sheets that rotates like a weathercock, indicating the direction of wind to its visitors. The Open Hand Monument which is giant metallic structure is about 14 meters high and weighs around 50 tonnes.

Chandi Mandir
Chandi Mandir  is a very famous temple located in the northern border of the city.

Government Museum And Art Gallery
Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh and has a fine collection of stone sculptures belonging to the Gandhara School of Art. It also displays fossils and artifacts belonging to the prehistoric times and works of modern art and miniature paintings.

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