Andhra Pradesh

Andhra tourism
Andhra Pradesh, the third largest state in India. Andhra region witnessed the rule of Chandragupta Maurya during which it established itself as an independent kingdom. The state located in South India, is bounded by Tamil Nadu in the south, Maharashtra in the North and North-West, Madhya Pradesh in the North-East, Karnataka in the West, and the Bay of Bengal in the East. The medieval city of Hyderabad is its capital. The main languages spoken here are Telugu, English, Urdu and Hindi.
State Bird     -Indian roller
State Animal - Black buck
State Flower - To be declared
State Tree     - Neem
Area - 2,75,068 SqKm
Capital     -  Hyderabad
Language - Telugu and  Urdu
Districts   - 23


Andhra Pradesh receives rainfall from the south-west monsoon as well as the north-east monsoon. The first begins in the second week of June and lasts till September while the second occurs in October-November.

Mountains and Rivers

The state is dotted with hill ranges from the north to the south, running erratically down the middle of the country dividing it into western and eastern or coastal Andhra. These hills form integral geographical entities of Andhra life and history. In the north, there are Simhachalam and Annavaram hills, in the middle country there are the Srisailam hill ranges and in the south are the Tirumalai-Tirupati hills. 

Andhra Pradesh, known as the 'Rice Granary of India' is a favourable tourist state in India which has a coast line of 1000kms with eight of its 23 districts having direct access to the sea.



Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, the creation of the Qutab Shahi rulers, is richly endowed with a variety of cultures and historical monuments. Hills, forests, and rock formations dominate the physiography of Hyderabad. It is fast developing as a beautiful tourist destination. It is famous for its minarets and pearls. October to February is the best time to visit Hyderabad. Hyderabad can very well be called a tourists' paradise. The tourist attractions in Hyderabad are worth the visit. There are many places of interest for tourists, in Hyderabad. Not only are the tourist attractions places of historical interest, but also are strikingly picturesque. So if you want to soothe your eyes with the scenic view of an old monument against the backdrop of an evening sky with the flavor of local food tickling your taste buds, come and visit the famous tourist attractions of Hyderabad.

Begin your trip with the historic Charminar that lies right in the heart of Hyderabad. The monument is so famous; it is almost synonymous with Hyderabad. It is best to hire a tourist guide while you visit these places of interest. Not only would you get to know the history behind those monuments, these guides also help one to get around the city with ease. Next, head on to the famous Golconda fort. Yes, the famous Kohinoor diamond was extracted from here. Right next to the fort is the famous Qutub Shahi tomb, which is an amalgamation of Indian and Persian architecture. The Paigah tombs are an exquisite example of delicate artistry on marble.

The Raymond's tomb is built in the memory of a French General, a rare honor in the name of a foreign general in India. Make it a point to visit the Salar Jung museum. It boasts of a single man collection of over 40,000 artifacts from all over the world.




Charminar :

Charminar is the most famous landmark of Hyderabad. Located in the heart of the city, Built by Sultan Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591. Standing majestically in the midst of the crowded old city, is the Charminar-the huge but elegant arch, a masterpiece of Qutub Shahi architecture. It is located amidst the colourful shops of Lad Bazaar (Choodi Bazaar) with its glittering traditional bangles, pearls and bridal ware in the old cityThis monument has 45 prayer spaces and a small mosque on the western side on the open roof. The whole structure is illuminated every evening. The upper levels of the Charminar were used as a madrasa and mosque. There are 45 open air prayer spaces without roof, to accommodate more people in Friday prayers. Charminar has become an inseparable part of the history of Hyderaba. The beautiful structure looks spectacular particularly in the nights when it is illuminated.

Ramoji Film City :

The magical tourist destination, Ramoji film city alias RFC, is the world's largest film production complex. Twenty international films, and nearly forty Indian films can be produced simultaneously in the complex. Ramoji film city is not just a film making complex but also a multi-faceted holiday haven for the whole family. The play zones with various exciting rides, video game parlour, dancing fountain, train restaurants all provide good amusement facilities. There is an exclusive nursery called Shangri-La which is the home to infinite varieties of exotic flowers, plants and shrubs. It is also a perfect venue for theme parties, lavish weddings, corporate conference and events, adventure camps .

Golconda Fort : The majestic ruins of Golconda Fort stands as a backdrop to the sprawling city of Hyderabad. An added attraction at the fort is a sound and light show that brings the legend of Golconda to life. The architectural style of Golkonda for is amwsniing.

Shilparamam : It is the picturesque crafts village Shilparamam. This arts and crafts village showcases art forms and handicrafts of various artists from all over the state. estling amidst rocks, rippling waterfalls and gorgeous lawns, Shilparamam is a melting pot of traditions and cultures. Here each season brings a mood of festivity and Indian festivals are celebrated in the most traditional way. The village also has facility for learning crafts for those interested. Boating facilities with both peddling and rowing boats are also available at this Crafts village. An international kite festival and an All India festival of Arts and Crafts is held here annually that gives a unique opportunity to take home a piece of India.

Qutub Shahi Tombs : is an amalgamation of Indian and Persian style of architecture. These tombs are said to be the oldest historical monuments in Hyderabad. Built in gray granite, the tombs are domed structures with an elevated square base surrounded by pointed arches. hese tombs were originally ornamented with blue and green tiles of which only a few pieces remain now. To distinguish the tombs of Sultans from others, a golden spire was fixed over the tombs of the Sultans. his tomb is one of the largest, reaching up to a height of 42 meters with a large dome adorning the top and 28 open arches.

HITEC City : Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City alias HITEC City is the major technology township in the city. The largest software technology park in India, HITEC city is a joint venture between Indian engineering giant Larsen & Toubro Limited and the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Limited. It has facilities like office space, production areas housing colonies, showrooms, cafeteria, health club, banks, shopping complexes and auditoriums. Within the HITEC city, there are several IT companies.



Lumbini Park : Lumbini Park spread over an area of 4 acres is located adjacent to Hussain Sagar Lake right across the Buddha Statue. This amusement park, named after the garden that was the birthplace of Buddha, offers a lot of amusement for all kinds of people. The major highlight of the park is the spectacular musical and dancing fountain and water cascade, provided with colorful lights. The visitors can also avail and enjoy the boating facilities provided at the nearby Hussain Sagar Lake. There are two pleasure cruisers available for hire. There is also parasailing facility available in the Hussain Sagar Lake. The Lumbini park comes alive in all its splendor at night
NTR GARDENS : The garden which houses a memorial to the former Chief Minister Sri. N.T. Rama Rao, provides lots of recreation facilities like toy train, car cafe, Japanese garden etc. The highlight of NTR garden is the 2000 sq.mts fruit restaurant which is surrounded by three petal shaped pools.

HYDERABAD BOTANICAL GARDENS : The first Botanical Gardens in Andhra Pradesh spread over 120 acres of land is located in Kothaguda Reserve Forest near the Hi-tech city, The park provides an unforgettable experience to the visitors with large water bodies, rolling meadows, natural forests, rich grasslands and exquisite rock formations. Also known as the Bhaskar Reddy Botanical garden, everything from the rarest species of plants to a unique variety of flowers can be seen here.

The garden has amenities for parking, cafeteria, ticketing booth, visitor shelter, seating benches, drinking water and toilet.

Tank Bund – HUSSAIN SAGAR The Hussain Sagar Lake in Hyderabad is an enchanting lake and is the largest man-made Lake in Asia. Hussain Sagar Lake always attracts visitors throughout the year who become mesmerized by its radiant calm blue water. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are the two cities that are connected to each other by the Hussain Sagar Lake. They are popularly known as twin cities. The place where the Hussain Sagar Lake is located is called 'Tank Bund'. Every year, the state tourism board organizes water sports competition for all adventure seekers. The sports range from boating to water-skiing, para sailing and cruising in motorboats. During these competitions, a number of people flank the shores of the lake making it the most lively and colorful place. A major attraction at the Hussain Sagar is the 16 meter high, 350 tonne monolithic Buddha statue on the Rock of Gibraltar. Made of white granite, it is finely sculptured and stands majestically amidst the shimmering waters of the lake. The lake is encompassed on one side by the beautiful "Lumbini Park", an amusement park for the young and old alike. Then there is the enchanting "Birla Mandir" hewn on a hillock nearby. Hussain Sagar has other attractions for lovers of water sports. The yatching and sailing clubs at the lake are active and the annual regatta draws a good number of sportspersons and lay people alike from all around the country. During the regatta competitions, the lake looks picturesque and colorful with the yatches sailing on the shimmering waters. Indeed the Hussain Sagar is a haven for young and old hearts, a thrill for yatchers and above all an ideal place for relaxation and recreation!!
Salar Jung Museum : Located in the magnificent city of Hyderabad, Salar Jung Museum is such a place, where an amazing collection of traditional curios is awaiting for tourist to behold and admire because antiques have always been admired by most of the people. Salarjungs in point of fact used to be the important aristocrats in the courts of the Nizams, the rulers of Hyderabad. Salarjung Museum keeps an atypical collection of Islamic art compiled by them from all over Asia. Tourist can also trace here the beautiful specimens of European paintings and sculptures, along with Chinese and Japanese objects. To put in a few words, Salarjung Museum is a spectacular place that would leave you mystified with the mesmeric eternal art.
Laad Bazaar : Budding next to the wonderful Charminar, Laad Bazaar is a famous market of Hyderabad. It can be said, not in extreme word that-the tour to Andhra Pradesh would be unfinished in case you did not visit this dazzling market of Hyderabad. This market is a famous treasure-house of polish bangles, pearls, semi-precious stones, brocade, velvet, saris, gold embroidered fabrics, sherwanis, ethnic khara (starched) dupattas and perfumes. 'Laad', which is actually a material to make bangles, is the source of name of market as-‘Laad Bazaar’. Due to the distinction of its bangles, Laad Bazaar is also recognized as Choodi (Bangle) Bazaar.
Birla Mandir An enchanting temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, the Birla Mandir of Hyderabad, India stands in its entire splendor on the hilltop of Kala Pahad. Made of pure white marble from Rajasthan, the Birla Mandir overlooks the serene and placid waters of the Hussain Sagar Lake. As you enter the temple you can see the 'Gopuram' or the pyramid shaped temple top, which is a characteristic feature of South Indian temples. The tower situated at the top of the principal deity called the Jagadananda vimanam is again built in the Orissan style. he magnificent shrine offers a wonderfully breath-taking view of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
Birla Planetarium : the Birla Planetarium is an absolute must see for any visitor to Hyderabad. A thrilling ride up the steep and winding road of Naubad Pahad brings you to this unique entertainment venue that educates as much as it entertains you! The exquisite dome-shaped monument houses India's most modern planetarium and is the first of its kind in the country. It is fast gaining popularity as a centre for research in astronomy. A fantastic acoustical and sound system intensifies the effect manifold and you actually feel the thrill and excitement of being in outer space. The show not only gives you the chills and thrills but you come out of the show vastly
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